Waterhog is a well-known brand in matting. Waterhog mats are very much popular in commercial and residential matting customers. There are many different types of WaterHog door mats. You can install Waterhog entry mats on your front door. These mats are designed to trap dirt, debris, and water from the shoes of anyone who enters the house from outside. Waterhog interior mats are also available, which can be placed anywhere in the home. These mats protect your floors, make the house cozier, and add a decorative touch to the space. The Waterhog outdoor mast can also be placed on outdoor staircases and pavements. Some of these outdoor mats come with heated floor mats that can melt snow during winter. Waterhog logo tiles can be personalized with any business’s brand or logo to promote the brand and sell its products. Waterhog logo tiles can be placed in all areas including the entrance, reception, and elevators. They also look great in corridors within commercial buildings. Here are five essential facts about Waterhog flooring mats.

They Are Made Out Of Thermoplastic Plastic Polymers

Most Waterhog mats are made of thermoplastic polymers. Some are made with polyethylene, others from polypropylene. These are the most common plastic polymers used around the globe and are very durable and strong. These thermoplastic polymers can withstand stains well and are very easy to clean. Some Waterhog mats are made with 100% UV-resistant polypropylene material.

They Come With Strong Rubber Backers

Waterhog floor mats are reinforced with a bi-level rubber backing. It resists curling and cracking under all weather conditions. It is important to choose the right backing for your flooring. You can choose between a cleated backing for carpeted floors and a smooth backing to protect hard floors like concrete, asphalt, and wood. Anchor Safe backing allows for maximum movement control and protection in high-risk areas.

Have A Unique “Water Dam” Border

All Waterhog Mats are distinguished by their unique “water dam border”, which allows the mats up to one-half gallons of water each square yard. The mat can hold this much water, no matter what the weather, whether it’s rain, snow, or hail. This border ensures that dirt and water stay on the mat.

They’re Very Effective

Waterhog floor mats have many functional uses. They can perform all the basic functions of a mat and more. Waterhog mats are great for removing dirt, mud, or moisture from shoes. The mats are extremely effective at ensuring safety on slippery floors. They are made with special backings that improve traction and prevent you from slipping on the flooring. Some Waterhog floormats have anti-fatigue features, while others can be heated.

Many Options

Waterhog mats come with a variety of surface designs and sizes. You can choose any kind of mat to suit your matting requirements. You can even have your company’s logo printed onto Waterhog mats. There are so many options that will be beneficial for you and for your business.